RVs impounded in Palo Alto

The City of Palo Alto is taking action to remove a blight sitting feet from one of the world's most prestigious universities. Warning flyers are a constant reminder for RV residents in Palo Alto -- every third day is moving day..

"You should just be aware that every 72 hours. You don't have to move far. You can move here to, 20 feet. No, I think you have to move a mile," said Carlo Garcia, who lives in a Chevy van converted into a mobile home.

Early Wednesday morning, Palo Alto police had three RVs parked on the westbound side of El Camino Real hooked up and hauled away by tow trucks. Officials say the trio were habitual violators of the law..

"All three of these vehicles have been there since at least june of this year. during that time, they've received written warnings on more than five occasions. They've actually received written citations on five occasions, yet the vehicles were still there," said Lieutenant James Reifschneider.

Police say the three vehicles in question also had expired license plate tags -- one of which hadn't been registered since 2012. In June, we detailed how dozens of people unable to afford South Bay and Peninsula rents are choosing to live in these types vehicles.

Palo Alto officials put out the word that a rash of resident's complaints led to renewed enforcement of existing parking regulations. Many of the owners, such as the man who lives in this RV, say the city has been fair in giving compliance notices..

"They made it clear before today; when they have football games and stuff they ask you to leave and in between time it's move your vehicle every 72 hours to keep things fresh," said an RV resident who didn't want his name used for this story.

The towed vehicles are now impounded until the owners bring the registration up to date. But police say given there's been no contact in months, the RVs may never make it back on the road, or parked on the Peninsula's main strip.