Salesforce Transit Center reopens after 10-month closure

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The Salesforce Transit Center opened Monday after being closed for ten months.

That’s after cracks were found in two of the steel support beams. While it’s open to the public, there is still no bus service yet because operators are still going through training. 

Still, there’s a 5.5-acre rooftop park, art installations, and food trucks for the public to enjoy.

"It's beautiful. I love the park. It's great living in a city where we have it public, as opposed to just a private sector," said visitor Alan Ramsey. "It's like the first couple of steps you're like, 'Wow, this is beautiful.'"

The owners of Andytown Coffee Roaster, have been waiting since last year's closure for the park's reopening.

"Game-changing for us to be able to welcome customers directly from the park," said Lauren Crabbe. "It's really allowing us to be really open."

Bus service is another matter. That wait is for reassembly work on the bus deck and to allow drivers to refamiliarize themselves with the new terminal.

"A lot of the infrastructure around the bus deck was taken out to inspect," said Transit Center spokeswoman Christine Falvey. "We did hundreds of inspections around the transit center."

Muni and Golden Gate Transit will begin service sometime in early July. AC Transit’s Transbay bus lines, Greyhound and Westcat Lynx, start later on this summer. 

The $2.2 billion transit center abruptly shut down – shortly after it opened in September. Fissures were found in two beams over Fremont Street. The beams have been repaired.

There has been an independent review of the facility to make sure it is absolutely safe. 

The board of the Transbay Joint Powers Authority has said they are pleased to welcome people back.

They also apologized for the inconvenience over the past nine months.