Sampling the tastes of Super Bowl 50

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No Super Bowl party is complete without the food, and San Francisco's official Super Bowl party will be no exception. Tuesday afternoon the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee unveiled a sampling of the food that will be offered at Super Bowl City, located at Embarcadero and Market Street.

"We're really excited to welcome people from around the globe and really give them a taste of the Bay Area," said Stephanie Martin of the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee.

The food is sourced locally, and offers everything from lobster rolls to tacos, salads to sliders, but like most Super Bowl Parties, most of the food is not light. "Really low cal food for the Super Bowl," joked Jason Brill, who is offering his twist on Louisiana cuisine from his San Francisco-based food truck.

Brill's Southern Comfort Kitchen is one of just six vendors in all. The others are Santa Clara's Bourbon Steak & Pub, Alameda's Calafia, from San Francisco there's The Hall and Woodhouse Fish Co., and Legends. The selection at Super Bowl City is small by design.

"The way we've designed Super Bowl City is really to invite people in," Martin explained. "But also to invite people to really get to explore the rest of the Bay Area."

That means Bay Area restaurants outside the venue. At Osha along the Embarcadero, business is slower because of Super Bowl City construction, but that is expected to change when an estimated one million people come through the Bay Area to experience the Super Bowl.

"When the event starts I can see that we will be packed," said Boom Wanvisa, manager at Osha. "It's right here in the eye of the storm. It's going to be great, especially for the concert. Alicia Keys concert right here," Wanvisa said pointing outside the restaurant doors. She said reservations for the week of the Super Bowl are filling up quickly. They've told the staff to arrive early to get through traffic and security.

Super Bowl City opens Saturday, January 30th at 11:00 a.m. and runs through Sunday, February 7th, Super Bowl day. Access to the venue is free, but the food is not.