San Francisco attack suspect surrenders on new $100,000 aggravated assault warrant

The man caught on video allegedly attacking a woman as she entered her building is now facing new charges. Austin Vincent made a brief appearance in court on Monday to surrender himself now that new allegations have surfaced. Vincent is now behind bars.

Vincent walked into the Hall of Justice to surrender himself this morning looking very different from his mugshot.

The 25-year-old had a previously scheduled court date for today in connection with his alleged attack on a woman trying to enter her building last Sunday, that attack captured by surveillance cameras in the lobby. Now, Vincent is facing new charges.

San Francisco Police say following his high profile arrest and release from custody last week another woman has come forward after seeing his photo saying Vincent attacked her with a knife while she was waiting for a rideshare earlier this year. "We were contacted, middle of last week, by a victim who said that she was a victim of an attack by Mr. Vincent in February," said Greg McEachern from the San Francisco Police Department.

Judge Christine Van Aken did not order Vincent to go to jail last week following his arrest for the attack caught on camera, but did schedule a court date for Monday. Following their investigation San Francisco police made arraignments to arrest him on the new charge.

"We monitored Mr. Vincent as we knew he was in a treatment program and with a GPS monitor," said McEachern. "So, we knew his location. We spoke with the Public Defender, and there was an agreement  that Mr. Vincent would turn himself in this morning."

Vincent's attorney has said his client has spent most of the last week in a live-in treatment center getting medical attention for mental health issues. He said he will represent Vincent against these latest allegations.

"He's taking this situation very serious, but he's also taking his treatment very serious, and he's doing everything he can do to get better," said Saleem Belbahri from the San Francisco Public Defender's Office.

Because of his arrest on Monday, the hearing on the attack caught on video has now been postponed so the court can begin processing the new allegations.

"The defendant is currently being booked," said Alex Bastian from the San Francisco District Attorney's Office. "That process takes some time."

The spokesperson for residents along the Embarcadero opposed to a new homeless navigation center released a statement after learning about the new allegations Vincent is facing.

It reads in part: 

“The shocking assault case of alleged assailant Austin James Vincent is emblematic of what is wrong in San Francisco. Now, it turns out Mr. Vincent is alleged to have committed a previous crime, with a knife, against a woman."

San Francisco police said they are also looking at two more incidents where witnesses have come forward since seeing all the coverage. Police are not offering details about those incidents.