San Francisco bans 'no-fault' evictions through March 2021

San Francisco Board of Supervisors on Tuesday unanimously passed an ordinance that would ban no-fault evictions through March 2021. 

The ban builds on existing protections for San Francisco tenants facing financial hardships from eviction amid the coronavirus pandemic. According to the SF Examiner, Supervisor Dean Preston introduced the legislation in September for the city's emergency moratorium on evictions to cover no-fault evictions. 

No-fault evictions were a method that landlords could use as a workaround to legally evict tenants for circumstances beyond their control. For instance, the owner wanting to move into the property or for renovations and demolitions.

While the city now prohibits those types of evictions through March, landlords can still evict tenants over violence and safety concerns, the SF examiner reports. 

“We are setting the standard both in California and nationwide when it comes to keeping people in their homes during this pandemic,” Preston said. “With the legislation approved today, tenants can rest assured that no fault evictions are off the table.”

The effictive date on the ban was backdated to Sept. 15.