San Francisco bar employee allegedly pushes girl caught tagging patio

A video posted to Instagram shows a confrontation between a San Francisco bar employee and a patron.

The employee was confronted after he allegedly pushed a girl who was tagging the Alembic bar patio Saturday afternoon. The video starts after the girl ran away from the scene. It shows a heated argument as the patron said he saw the employee shove a ‘small girl’ to the ground when she was caught spray-painting the patio. 

"Dude is like 6'5" and she looked like a CHILD," the post reads, adding that minor vandalism doesn't matter, and that the owner could have stopped it so many other ways besides assault.

An owner was called to the front of the restaurant during the argument. The footage shows the three arguing about the incident.

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"And rather than the other owner/manager assume some accountability for his awful behavior they DOUBLED DOWN and threaten to call the POLICE on ME!!"

One of the owners responded to the video by saying as the ‘majority owner of this bar and I will be taking steps to address this incident. Under no circumstances do I condone violence.’

"I’ve spoken to the employee, and he wants to offer an apology," said Christin Evans. "He’ll be writing it in his own words. As the majority owner of this bar, I have always desired that it be a safe and welcoming space for all."