San Francisco cop injured during pursuit of catalytic converter thief

San Francisco police are looking for a catalytic converter thief who sent an officer to the hospital in a chaotic escape attempt Monday morning.

Officers arrested a woman in custody in connection with the theft and evasion, but are searching for a second suspect. Authorities said a man has been on the run since 5:30 a.m. after he managed to escape. 

Evidence of a chaotic morning littered Greenwich Street. Police said it all started after a report of a stolen catalytic converter. After officers arrived at the scene, they saw a vehicle matching the description of the suspects. Authorities said officers tried to stop the car, but it took off.

"The vehicle attempted to flee the area, and while doing so struck one of the officers and the marked patrol vehicle," said Officer Eve Laokwansathitaya.

That injured officer was taken to a hospital, and is expected to recover.

Hana Azman lives near the scene and said she was awakened by the sound of the collision.

"So, it was at 5:20am, I got woken up because I heard the tires screeching, and then I heard the collision. Which is rare, this is a quiet street, it's a dead end," said Azman. "I mean, the only traffic we get is foot traffic."

Authorities said the suspects attempt to evade police didn't stop there. Officers said the suspects made their way down hill to Embarcadero where they collided with several other cars. Two other drivers received minor injuries, before the suspect vehicle finally stopped. Then both suspects took off on foot.

"Officers were able to detain the female suspect, but the male suspect is still outstanding, he was able to flee the area," said Officer Laokwansathitaya.