San Francisco mandates COVID-19 vaccines for all indoor activities

San Francisco adopted a landmark policy, one of the nation's first, to require purveyors of essentially all indoor activities to require proof of vaccination. If the unvaccinated will not see scientific reason, then the city reasons this: either comply, or bid indoor activities goodbye.

The relentless attack of coronavirus on the City by the Bay drew a battle-worthy response from San Francisco Mayor London Breed outside of the Vesuvio Cafe on Broadway. Soon, if you want to do any indoor activity, from wining to dining, from a swim or a gym, from a back rub to a comedy club, you must be vaccinated; full stop. 

"Starting August 20th, you will need proof of a vaccination in businesses, for your customers in high-contact areas, like bars, restaurants clubs theaters, entertainment venues, indoor gyms and fitness and large indoor events with more than a thousand people," said Breed. 

Employees of these places must also be vaccinated by October 13. Children under age 12 are exempted, as are people getting pick-up orders.

The new rule was initially led by the San Francisco Bar Owners Association who first imposed it against the unvaccinated. 

"These people were messing up our livelihoods. They were putting everybody else in danger and it was something that came up and we floated the idea: What if we don't let them inside?" said SF Bar Owner Alliance President Ben Bleiman.

Overwhelmingly, bar patrons accepted it. Online, anti-vaxxers did not.  "A bunch of remarkably moronic, right wing trolls whose trolling was so bad," said Bleiman. 

At least one of the GOP candidates in the state's upcoming recall election came out against the new mandate, calling it "ridiculous." John Cox, who is looking to replace Governor Newsom, said the requirement is an intrusion and a burden on small businesses. 

Businesses say, they mean to stay open and not face more closures. "We're ecstatic to hear it.  We're very glad to hear that the rest of San Francisco is kind of doing it and it's going to protect our community, our staff and our guests and I think it's the way to go," said John Konstin of the legendary John's Grill.  

"Yes. We're very supportive of it. It's the right thing to do. We hope it's not a long term thing," said Laurie Thomas of the Golden Gate Restaurant Association. "We know that unvaccinated individuals are eight times more likely to contract and spread coronavirus," said Bleiman.

And, the customer reaction? "If it is your business, I think you should be in control of your business and if you feel like you only want to serve those who are vaccinated, then by all means serve just those who are vaccinated," said San Francisco visitor Vicki Crane. 

"It might make those coming into that business more comfortable knowing that the other people are vaccinated as well," said SF visitor Cindy Anderson.

For more information, click here to see the entirely of San Francisco's new rules.