San Francisco police say burglaries increased since pandemic began

San Francisco police confirm the city is seeing an increase in the number of burglaries since the stay in home order went into place.

The San Francisco Police Department reports an a 40.8% increase in burglaries from January through July of this year compared to last.

"There has been an increase since the shelter in place order went into effect in San Francisco," said Officer Adam Lobsinger from the San Francisco Police Department.

Some San Francisco residents were surprised to hear that burglaries are up despite the fact that many of them are home.

"Because you would think that having people at home would deter people from even attempting to burglarize or break into a home," said Jody Richman from San Francisco.

"Being at home in your residence does not mean you cannot be the victim of a burglary," said Officer Lobsinger. "Garages are easy targets because they're often unoccupied."

Police say garages are frequent targets, thieves looking often looking for bicycles and other easily sold items. Officers say make your garage and home an uninviting target.

"Home owners can do a number of things to secure their homes when they're at home and while they're away," said Officer Lobsinger. "We tell people to lock and secure their doors and there garages, the windows, anything that's a potential entryway for a burglar. Install lights, a camera, anything you think might deter a from even trying to enter your home."

The San Francisco police say it's wise to lock your bike even if it's in your own garage.