San Francisco police sergeant charged with robbery at Rite Aid

SFPD Sgt. Davin Cole (photo courtesy SFPD Mission Station) 

The San Mateo County District Attorney has charged a San Francisco police sergeant with a violent felony stemming from an armed theft at a Rite Aid. 

Sgt. Davin Cole is set to be arraigned on Thursday, following second-degree robbery charges filed on Nov. 9. He was armed with a revolver, the charging documents state. Sources, however, say that he never pulled out a weapon during the robbery. 

He was arrested on Nov. 3 after he allegedly stole and resisted arrest at the Rite Aid at 666 Concar Drive in San Mateo at around 6 p.m. The court documents do not say what was taken from the store, but sources told KTVU that they were Norco painkillers. 

The DA also filed a misdemeanor resisting arrest charge. At least two employees were in the store at the time, the documents show. 

Cole's attorney, Tony Brass, called the situation a "sad story, all around." 

Brass said Cole has been battling an addiction to painkillers after he was bit in the leg by a police dog while serving as a K-9 officer in 2010.

"He had a secret addiction since that time," Brass said. "And he managed to be a high-functioning addict."

 Joey DelliGatti, who has been friends with Cole since they were kids, said:  "It's obvious he needs help for his dependency, and can only hope he receives it."

The San Francisco Police Department said the 27-year veteran on the force was assigned to the Field Operations Bureau but is now on unpaid leave pending an internal investigation.