San Francisco shelter-in-place order 'very likely' to be extended

The shelter-in-place order for San Francisco is "very likely" to be extended for several weeks or a month, Mayor London Breed said Friday.

Although the stay-at-home requirement was set to expire on May 3, Breed said during a press conference that residents should not expect it to be lifted as scheduled. 

“What that means is another few weeks or even a month of asking you all to comply and to remain at home and to continue to follow the social-distancing orders that we put forth," said Breed. 

The shelter-in-place order, which permits people to leave their homes for so-called essential jobs and activities, had already been extended once as a way to limit the number of coronavirus infections. 

There have been 1,340 confirmed cases in the city, Breed said.

Clusters of infected residents have been discovered in nursing homes, homeless shelters and low-income housing facilities in San Francisco.

All Bay Area counties have a shelter-in-place order in place. 

County officials across the region had initially adopted similar restrictions and timelines, but greater variations have begun to appear. 

Several counties have ordered residents to wear coverings on their face in public. Napa has relaxed rules by allowing workers in some industries, like construction, to get back on the job, while also letting recreational activities like golf to take place again.