San Francisco Supervisor and police officer's association have yet to resolve bitter dispute

San Francisco's police union and Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer still have not resolved their bitter dispute.

The police officers union is still saying the supervisor should apologize for a profanity laced chant she led at a watch party on election night.

Both sides are crying foul in this ongoing dispute.

The supervisor says the union made unfair and untrue accusations against one of the candidates for San Francisco District Attorney. The union says the Supervisor crossed the line leading that chant.

The union's leader today saying the supervisor needs to apologize for her actions.

"She backpedaled and said she wasn't referring to the police officers, the men and women of the San Francisco Police Department," said Tony Montoya, SFPOA President. "But, that's exactly who she's referring to when she used that vulgar language as Chesa Boudin's campaign headquarters."

A KQED reporter captured video of the Supervisor at Chesa Boudin's watch party election night chanting "F--- the POA," while using the middle finger on each hand.

The Supervisor released a letter yesterday apologizing to any officers who were offended, saying her sentiments were directed toward the police officers association, not the individual officers.

Former Supervisor John Avalos was at the event as well on stage as the Supervisor led that chant.

He says he understands and shares the Supervisor's frustration with the police officers association, who he says deliberately attempted to mislead voters leading up to the election.

"I was on the stage and I was feeling in this election that the POA spent an obscene amount of money, did a great disservice to the public did a great disservice to the police department spread fear and lies," said Avalos.

KTVU reached out to the Supervisor Thursday through multiple channels but did not receive a response.