San Francisco to receive more than 4,100 doses of monkeypox vaccine

San Francisco was approved to receive more than 4,100 doses of monkeypox vaccine by next week, State Senator, Scott Wiener told KTVU. 

"The U.S. owns about a million doses that were in storage in Denmark," Wiener said. "The FDA hadn't gotten around to inspecting the facility." 

Those doses are now released and will be shipped to the U.S., Wiener said. 

The federal government is expected to deliver vaccines across the country as soon as Monday, according to San Francisco Chronicle

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San Francisco Department of Health announced that it was running low on doses of monkeypox vaccine with only 50 doses remaining on Wednesday. 

The health department said they had requested an additional 35,000 doses of the vaccine from the federal government, much higher than the 4,100 doses they are expected to receive. 

There are a total of 1,814 confirmed cases of monkeypox nationwide as of Friday, according to the CDC. California has the second most cases with 266 cases, and New York, which ranks first, has 489 cases. 

In San Francisco alone, there had been 86 confirmed or probable cases as of Friday.