San Francisco weekend crime spree ended with Mission Street crash

It started at 10 a.m. Saturday morning at 16th and Mission streets with a report of a stolen black Mercedes. The same Mercedes showed up hours later on the 3300 block of Mission Street.

Police said officers were flagged down by someone who was concerned about a fight between a man and a woman. When officers approached, they said he took off.

They would later identify him as 32-year-old Ronny Moody.

"When he sped away, he backed up toward the officers and tried to drive away and to avoid being struck," explained San Francisco Police Sgt. Monica McDonald.

Police put out a description of him and forty minutes later, they said he pulled over in the city's Central District and tried to grab a woman's purse. He then got back into the car and took off.

20 minutes later, the crime spree came to an end at 6th and Mission.

Sharon Jones told KTVU she was sitting at the corner when she saw the black Mercedes come barreling down the street. Jones said she knew right away something was wrong.

"When he turned, it was like a wobble and it was like -- Pow!" remembered Jones

He hit a taxi before crashing head on into a sedan. Inside that sedan was onetime State Assemblyman and San Francisco Supervisor Tom Ammiano.

He said he was with a friend and both realized what was happening only moments before impact.

"We looked at each other, and then the headlights just came barreling out at us. Then boom!" said Ammiano.

The airbags deployed and both suffered just minor injuries.

Jones said Moody immediately took off running He was eventually captured by police a few blocks away, but McDonald said even as he was being arrested, he made one final attempt to escape.

"As officers tried to take him into custody, he did try to grab the officer's firearm," said McDonald.

Moody is facing numerous charges which include aggravated assault, hit and run, attempted robbery and several vehicle violations.