San Francisco's Richmond District sees string of restaurant break-ins

San Francisco police are investigating a series of break-ins and attempts in the city's Richmond District.

Supervisor Connie Chan, who represents that district, said it's a case of Asian-owned businesses being targeted.

Three separate businesses were hit early Thursday morning, and in one of those incidents thieves made off with a safe.

Surveillance video shows burglars breaking into Kim Son, shortly before 5:30 a.m.

The suspects also broke the front door of the Little Wok restaurant next door.

Leo Wei said he learned about the break in from a family friend who was out for a walk.

"One of (my) friends send me the picture. I think she walked by and sent a picture sent to him and to us and then we came," Wei said.

Business owners said the area has been hit by burglars before, and they're frustrated they've been hit again.

"This is happening everywhere in San Francisco," said Wei. "Not just this district, you know."

Customers who showed up at the restaurants Thursday said they were stunned and angry.

"It's demoralizing. Especially since this is family owned, and I'm sure they were struggling because of the COVID, and they're just coming back and this thing happens," said Tessa. "It's terrible."

Police said they're looking for the suspects, interviewing the business owners and trying to find witnesses. Authorities are even asking Tesla owners who may have been parked in the area overnight to check their video to see if they captured evidence of the crime.

Supervisor Chan released a statement expressing her frustration with Asian-owned businesses being targeted again by thieves and vandals.

At this point police are said there is no evidence the ethnicity of the victims was a factor in the three break-ins.

Chan is asking for additional foot and bike patrols in the area, as well as more community engagement from the police to help prevent incidents like this from happening again.