San Francisco's St. Anthony's hard at work to ensure no one goes hungry

St. Anthony's in San Francisco buzzed with activity on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Chief of Police William Scott and Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White were among those helping to prepare the Thanksgiving meal.

The same scene was repeated at Glide Memorial just a few blocks away, where organizers say all the work this holiday helps feed those in need year round.

"Today, tomorrow and the holidays, these are special moments for all of us. But Glide's in this business all year round. The donations, monetary and otherwise really do sustain us for all year," said Glide CEO Karen Hanrahan.

Crews are preparing dozens of turkeys,  hundreds of pounds of potatoes, stuffing and all the trimmings for Thursday's holiday meal.

The same story at Salvation Army where crews were busy prepping food.

But, Wednesday afternoon organizers at the African American Art And Culture Complex weren't just prepping they were serving holiday meals.

Volunteers and residents say the aim is to make sure no one is hungry or lonely this Thanksgiving so they invited the needy, the homeless or those who just have no place else to go.

Those gathered today said sometimes when family slips away you can find another family to share the Thanksgiving holiday.

"Without them I don't know where I'd be in my mind. You know what I'm saying? I lost my wife to cancer, lost two sisters, then I lost my brother-in-law just last month. So, I've kind of been struggling a little bit," said Eddie Williams of San Francisco.

Keep in mind St. Anthony's and Glide feed those in need year round so both are grateful for any donations or time you can spare.