San Jose block party aims to bring more voters out for June 7 election

A block party was held in downtown San Jose Wednesday to encourage more people to get out and vote, just ahead of Tuesday’s election. 

With the election less than a week away, organizers of the event say this is one last push to let people know that their vote matters and their vote counts here in San Jose.    

At the corner of Third Street and Hensley, dozens of people came out to a final rally to get more people out to vote. Organizers provided an official ballot drop box, games, food, and emphasized how voting in local elections is key to improving lives.  

"I feel like a lot of people, especially in my generation don’t vote, and they don’t get involved in community events like this. I think it’s really important for San Jose as a whole to be represented by their entire community, not just a small portion," said Isabel Caballero Teixeira, a registered voter who lives in San Jose.   

Organizers also talked about the importance of passing Measure B, which will be on Tuesday’s ballot. The measure will allow voters in San Jose to choose a Mayor at the same time they vote for U.S. President and allow the Mayor to serve a four-year term, starting in 2024.  

"The numbers tell you that during a Presidential election, we have twice as many voters. We have twice as many women, we have twice as many people of color voting. That’s what this city looks like, that’s who this city is," said  Rebecca Armendariz, Measure B Campaign Co-Coordinator.  

Armendariz says getting more people in San Jose to vote will ultimately help decide who gets to run one of the largest cities in the country. 

"Fifty percent of this city is women. We need folks to be engaged and paying attention and learning and listening," Armendariz said.    

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Omar Torres is running for San Jose’s District 3 city council seat and says he supports Measure B and more people having a voice in local elections.  

"We all know that during the midterms, which we’re currently in right now, the midterm primaries, turn out tends to be very, very low. This event was created to bring out our community and inform them of the importance of voting not only during the midterms but during the Presidential election cycle as well," Torres said.    

San Jose voters will have a lot more than Measure B to decide on Tuesday, including choosing a district attorney, a sheriff and a new mayor.