Trial set for next month to determine winner of OUSD school board race

A trial has been set for next month to determine who will occupy the District 4 seat on the Oakland Unified School District Board of Education after an error by the county registrar of voters' office put the outcome into dispute, an Alameda County Superior Court judge said at a hearing Friday.   

Election error in Alameda County names new winner in District 4 race

A stunning twist in the Oakland School Board race. Mike Hutchinson – who thought he lost his race in District 4 - actually won. The Alameda County Registrar of Voters revealed an error in the tabulation process that would have moved Hutchinson from third place to first. 

Kari Lake election lawsuit: Sanctions denied, but more than $33K awarded to Katie Hobbs

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson rejected Kari Lake's claim that problems with ballot printers at some polling places on Election Day were the result of intentional misconduct. Since the ruling, lawyers representing Maricopa County and Katie Hobbs have filed a Motion for Sanctions against the defeated GOP candidate for Arizona governor.

So long, California: Major county votes to study secession

The November elections saw Californians continue to embrace progressive leadership, but voters in one of the state’s most populous counties are so frustrated with this political direction that they voted to consider seceding and forming their own state.

Warnock claims victory in Senate runoff race

Sen. Raphael Warnock claimed victory late Tuesday night in a tight runoff race for U.S. Senate. Warnock beat out Republican challenger Herschel Walker, a Georgia football legend.