San Jose family searching for answers after father of 2 fatally stabbed

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A grieving family is looking for answers after a man is killed right outside his home with his wife and two young boys inside. The stabbing happened Sunday in an unincorporated part of San Jose. 

The family of 28-year-old Frankie Santos Jr. said he came home Sunday around 1:30 a.m. after attending a Fantasy Football party. Santos’s wife, Sky, said Santos noticed a truck on their street, Raymond Avenue, with its lights turned off and approached the vehicle.

“He saw the guy was wearing a Raider hat and he goes and he says hey you know it's all about their Niners,” said Sky Santos.

She said a friend then started screaming. She ran outside to find her husband struggling to breathe. She held him, while a friend performed CPR.

“It was scary,” said Sky Santos. “I was scared for him because he was there but he wasn't responding. He was just looking. His eyes were fluttering. I could see he was still there.”

He was rushed to the hospital where the sheriff's office said he died an hour later. Deputies are now looking for at least two suspects associated with a dark, full size GMC or Chevrolet truck. A motive is unknown.

“He wasn't involved in anything,” said Sky Santos. “We were such homebodies. We were always home, work and gym.”

“You couldn't ask for a better son,” said Francisco Santos, the victim’s father. “He took care of his family. All he ever would talk to me about was dad all I want to do is do good for my family.”

The family was looking to move out of the neighborhood considered a rough part of San Jose. Now, his young sons are concerned about the "bad people" who took their dad's life away. His family said, if anyone deserves justice, it's Frankie.

“I want resolution, I want justice please,” said Erica Rego, victim’s mother. 

The family along with Mothers Against Murder and other community groups will march against violence Friday night on San Carlos Avenue to the Santos’s home. They are also planning to announce a $5,000 reward for information leading to his killer.