San Jose police looking for driver in double hit-and-run

One woman was in critical condition and a second hospitalized after the pair was struck on Wednesday morning by a hit-and-run driver in East San Jose.

The collision took place on 33rd Street at Berrywood Road, just outside Anne Darling Elementary School.

“It’s so sad…(how people will just drive fast and hit someone and) just and then leave,” said one school worker who did not want to be identified.

The skid marks were still visible outside the school hours after the accident. Investigators say around 6:37 a.m., they received calls of two women down in the street. They say the driver of a dark-colored van hit two women as they walked in the cross walk near the school.

One of the women suffered life threatening injuries, the other has minor injuries, police said.

Both were rushed to an area hospital. At least one neighbors who didn’t want to be identified said the area around Darling Elementary routinely has drivers speeding, despite a 25 mph speed limit. Some say they’ve asked the city for speed bumps and a stop sign – currently there’s only a cross walk and electric signage.

“It’s been asked for the city to put speed bumps…(and some of us wonder what is it gonna take for somebody to do something? Is it going to take someone getting killed?) Is that what its gonna take?” asked one man, who only identified himself as someone who lives at the end of the block from the accident scene.

San Jose police say the they don’t have any information about requests for additional safety measures at the accident intersection. Officers say during the holidays, people can be distracted which leads to accidents.

“We do know it’s the holiday season. People are distracted by electronics (and we just ask that people slow down)….to be aware of their surroundings,” said Gina Tepoorten, a spokeswoman with the department.

This is the third vehicle versus pedestrian accident in San Jose since Saturday. On that day, there was a fatal vehicle-pedestrian accident at Quito Road and Northlawn. In that case, the driver did stop at the scene and is cooperating in the investigation. Monday another accident, this time at North 1st  Street and Rosemary. The driver did not stop and police are seeking help identifying a suspect.

Wednesday’s accident marks the city’s 22nd vehicle-pedestrian accident of the year. That’s the highest total since 2014 when there were 24, and the year still has 12 more days. San Jose police ask anyone with information about Wednesday’s accident to contact them.