San Jose restaurant hit by thieves twice this week

SAN JOSE (KTVU) - For the second time in one week, a restaurant in San Jose has been hit by thieves.

This time, they managed to get away with a safe that had been bolted to the ground. Surveillance video shows how they did it.

The first burglary happened Monday. The second one was overnight, and this time the men came back with tools.

The sign on the counter at Mojo Burger isn't offering specials, it's offering a reward of $2,500 for the conviction of the guys, who burglarized the San Jose restaurant twice this week.

"They came back last night with a couple buddies, some crow bars and a lot of tools and somehow were able to get the safe that was bolted to the ground, unbolted and took away with the entire safe and contents of it," says the owner of Mojo Burger, Peter Favre.

Surveillance cameras caught it all - the men working to detach the safe, checking that the coast was clear, then rolling it quickly out the back door.

"They made more in 10 minutes than they would have made in a month working," says Favre.

Favre says his isn't the only business being targeted and something needs to change. The glass company he hired says they fixed windows at 11 other businesses this week. He believes an increased police presence in Willow Glen would help.

"These guys aren't driving from Montana over here. They're local. They're the same guys that are hitting it," he says.

Favre thinks someone may recognize them. That's why he's putting up the reward.

"It's personal at this point," he says.

In the meantime, he says he has no choice but to get back to business.

"You pick yourself up, you dust yourself off and you go back," he says.

Favre says he will not be replacing the safe. Anyone with information on this case should contact San Jose police.