San Jose State to reopen, UC Berkeley, Santa Clara University to stay closed

The University of California at Berkeley and Santa Clara University will remain closed this coming week because of the continuing poor air quality resulting from smoke from the Camp Fire in Butte County, officials from those two schools said today.

San Jose State University, meanwhile, will be open for classes and all other business Monday and Tuesday despite the ongoing concerns about air quality, the university said.

In a news release today, UC Berkeley Carol T. Christ said university officials typically consider canceling classes when the Air Quality Index hits 200, the level at which everyone may experience adverse health effects.

Through readings from the monitor closest to UC Berkeley, at Aquatic Park, indicate the AQI has remained below that threshold, "According to current forecasts for tomorrow from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and the National Weather Service, it remains uncertain as to whether 
current conditions will persist," Christ said.

Santa Clara University will also be closed over the entire Thanksgiving week, because of the continuing poor air quality resulting from smoke from the Camp Fire.

San Jose State, however, will be open for classes on Monday and Tuesday. There will be no classes Wednesday, but it will be a regular employee workday and faculty duty day prior to the Thanksgiving holiday break.

"While we suggest limiting extensive outdoor activity while poor air quality persists, we are assured that conditions are improving and the campus can return to business as usual," Charlie Faas, the university's vice president of administration and finance, said in a message to the campus 
community. "Should there be any significant change in conditions we will respond accordingly, but at this time the campus will resume business as usual tomorrow."

The latest forecast from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District calls for air quality to remain poor Monday and Tuesday before improving later in the week.