San Jose woman beats cancer, friends mark 1-year milestone with car parade

A San Jose woman is marking her one-year anniversary of beating cancer on Thursday. Her loved ones did not want her to celebrate that milestone alone.

Deloris Saams-Hoy is a 52-year-old mother of three children. A year ago Thursday, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. It’s the same cancer that Deloris’s brother died from several years ago. Her fight hasn’t been easy.

“We nearly lost her back in August and they changed up that chemo regimen to something more tolerable,” said Varela. “She had a feeding tube put in and was given a great life after that.”

For the past year, friends have been with Saams-Hoy at every round of chemotherapy but because of coronavirus restrictions, they haven't been able to be by her side.

“We are her typical chemo buddies so the last two chemotherapy rounds she’s had to go without anybody,” said Billups.

After Saams-Hoy completed her 24th round of chemotherapy on her one-year anniversary, family and friends met up at a high school parking lot. Their cars were decorated with signs and they were ready to caravan to the family's home.

“What turned out to be a little car parade turned into a huge car parade,” said Varela.

More than 50 cars came honking. Saams-Hoy’s reaction was priceless as she sobbed with her arms stretched out to each passing car.

For Saams-Hoy, time is more precious than ever. Her children are home from school and they’re making TikTok videos. To her, the stay-at-home order is a blessing.

“I have to have joy every day and I have to end my day with some kind of joy,” said Saams-Hoy.