San Jose won't charge George Floyd protesters arrested for violating curfew

The city of San Jose will not pursue charges against those arrested for breaking a citywide curfew imposed May 31 in the wake of civil unrest and protests, the city attorney's office announced Thursday.

The curfew was enacted by City Manager Dave Sykes and in effect until June 4, following protests focused on police brutality and racism, particularly in response to the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.

San Jose officers arrested dozens of protestors, looters and people breaking curfew in the days leading up to, and during, the state of emergency curfew.

At least two journalists also reported being detained despite the curfew order exempting media members and essential workers such as law enforcement officers and firefighters.

The city attorney's office announced Thursday that the city will not be prosecuting the municipal code curfew violations, and violators for whom the city has contact information will be notified if they do not need to appear in court.

Other charges for penal code violations will continue to be considered by the district attorney's Office.