San Leandro BB gun vandals shoot cars, people

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San Leandro police say a group of vandals that have been shooting at parked cars with BB guns for the past couple of months, are now targeting people on the street.

Police released surveillance pictures Saturday night to help find the suspects.

The pictures show one of the suspects, and two vehicles that may have been used in the vandalism.

Police say the vandal’s behavior escalated on March 24th and March 25th, when they took aim at people walking down the street in San Leandro.

Someone in a silver SUV shot at a group of workers taking a break with a BB gun in the 900 block of Montague Street on March 24th, but no one was hit, according to police.

The next day, police say a silver, Toyota 4-Runner with black wheels, drove past a man outside the La Oficina Bar and shot him in the forearm with a BB.

The man had to have the BB surgically removed, according to police.

A 49-year-old man leaving church in the 1600 block of Bancroft Ave, and a woman near an AC Transit bus station on E. 14th Street were also hit, according to police.

Police say none of the victims were seriously injured.

According to police, more than 125 vehicles have had their windows shot out, causing at least $60,000 in damage.

Police say patrols in the city have been increased.

In addition to the silver SUV, police think the vandals may have also used a dark-colored Sedan and a white 2000s model Ford Explorer to commit their crimes.

Police are asking anyone with information about the case to call the San Leandro Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division at (510) 577-3230.