San Leandro police find missing, at-risk man

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SAN LEANDRO (KTVU) -- Police said Tuesday that they have located a missing, at-risk man who was in need of urgent medical attention, authorities said.

Police said William Epting, 49, had been arrested for domestic violence and was booked into the Santa Clara County Jail on misdemeanor offenses but suffered a medical crisis, police said. Authorities decided to release him from jail and transport him to the county hospital but Epting fled from the scene.

A San Leandro police spokesman said Epting does not pose a threat to the community but a team of people were looking for him. Shortly before 3:30 p.m., authorities said the man had been found.

It was not immediately clear where the man was located.

Police declined to elaborate on the nature of the medical issue, citing federal health laws.


KTVU reporter Leigh Martinez contributed to this report.