San Leandro teacher allegedly tells class: 'I have shot kids'

A middle school teacher in San Leandro has been removed from the classroom after allegedly directing threatening remarks at his students. The Bancroft Middle School teacher's comments in the class were apparently all recorded and posted to social media.

In one of the recordings, which the district is investigating, the teacher appears to go on a rant in front of his class about a student who he claims was misbehaving. The teacher is then heard referencing his prior military career and telling the class that in the past he'd shot kids younger than that student.

"I’ve been through three tours in combat in the most dangerous places on Earth, and I am not in a position to let some kid talk back to me. Period. That’s just how it is. I have shot kids younger than him," the teacher can be heard saying in the recording, referring to an unknown student in the class.

Later in the same recording, the teacher appears to tell a student that he’s lucky things have changed and that he’s no longer able to put his hands on him and take him out of the class himself.

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The district was apparently first made aware of the teacher's comments after several recordings of him began circulating on social media earlier this week.  

In another recording, the teacher, who is now being investigated by the district, is captured telling a student, "You're probably about 20 percent undersized for your age, so I suggest when you get into high school, you shut your mouth, because guys like me, who are way, way bigger than you, are going to pound your little butt into the ground."

San Leandro Unified School District superintendent Dr. Michael McLaughlin, released the following statement on Monday:

"I am writing to make you aware of an incident that has been brought to our attention regarding inappropriate statements made by a teacher at Bancroft Middle School to students in their class. The district is actively investigating the circumstances surrounding this incident and in doing so, the personnel involved have been removed from the classroom. Additionally, the Bancroft students, staff, and families who have been affected by this incident are also being supported in processing this concerning event," said McLaughlin's statement.

So far the district has yet to release the name of the teacher under investigation. 

The district is asking anyone with information about the alleged incidents to report them to Bancroft Middle School's administration team.