Santa Rosa dog competes in Westminster Kennel Club show

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A Santa Rosa dog who competed in the Westminster Kennel Club show contended with a challenge besides the competition: winter.

Tuesday's snow and sleet in New York was far from the norm for three-year-old Picasso, a Staffordshire bull terrier from Santa Rosa, California. As owner Alicia Collins put it, "When it's cold at home, it's 50 degrees." She describes Picasso as a "California guy."

Picasso was sporting a stylish coat with a Union Jack design as he left the venue. Collins says her dog seemed "a little mopey" about having to wear something besides the coat he was born with.

And, she says, he walks on snow as though it's hot coals.

Picasso earned a ribbon in his breed Tuesday, on his first trip to Westminster. Collins calls the show "a good way to educate people" about the burly breed. She says the breed are fun, loving - easy dogs to have. 

Collins appeared on KTVU the 9 with Picasso by her side and discussed his win explaining judgement is against the standard of what the breed should look like. "He's a showy little dog. He has fun and he's done really well. He was number 7 last year in the US and so far this year he's number three so he does really well. He loves to go out there and have a good time."

Collins runs Redwood Coast Staffords in Santa Rosa.