Saving 'Bambi': Marin County sheriff's deputies help reunite fawn with its mother

Marin County sheriff deputies know all too well that on any given day on the job, a new adventure may await them. 

That was such the case on Friday when deputies helped facilitate a reunion between a baby deer and its mother, but not before the curious fawn decided to check out one of their patrol cars.

Sheriff's officials say they were called to an intersection near Marin Ave. in the Tam Valley neighborhood after residents in the area noticed a fawn wandering around, separated from its mother. 

Residents and deputies worked to try and corral the little animal back to her doe. 

"Neighbors were holding back traffic as we attempted to reunite the two," it said on the Marin County Sheriff Office Facebook page on Monday.

During their attempt, the fawn decided to do some exploring and jumped into a patrol car.

Video shows the animal in the vehicle and you hear a deputy explain, "This is what happens when a tiny little baby deer gets stuck behind your patrol car seat."

The fawn sniffs around, even taking a whiff of a coffee cup. It eventually hops up on the front passenger seat and nonchalantly makes its way out of the vehicle.

"After a quick look around the patrol car, we were able to walk the deer over to its mother, where they went running into the woods," the sheriff's office wrote. 

Officials also shared photos of the tiny deer before it was led back to the woods.

Not your typical day on the job, but a case that deputies appreciated. 

"The great thing about working in our communities, you never know what you can come across," the sheriff's office said.