Second suit filed over fatal Oakland police shooting

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Here's KTVU crime reporter Henry Lee's Rap Sheet blog for April 4, 2016:

ANOTHER SUIT FILED OVER FATAL OAKLAND POLICE SHOOTING: A second lawsuit has been filed over the fatal Oakland police shooting of a man found passed out in a BMW with a loaded gun at this side near Lake Merritt.

The latest suit was filed on behalf of D.H., the son of Demouria Hogg, 30.

About 7:30 a.m. June 6, Hogg had been found passed out behind the wheel of the BMW on Lake Park and Lakeshore avenues, at the end of an off-ramp from Interstate 580. He had a loaded black handgun with a 30-round extended magazine on the passenger seat, officials said.

Officers took up positions around the car, blocked off the area, used a loudspeaker and fired “less-lethal” projectiles at the tinted windows in a failed effort to wake Hogg, officials said. At one point, they said, an officer used a crowbar to break out a passenger-side window, and Hogg moved and made a sound as if he was wondering what was going on.

About 8:40 a.m., police used the crowbar to break a driver-side window, officials said. Hogg, who was awake, began moving his hands toward the gun on the seat, prompting the officer to fire her gun twice, according to the officer's attorney Steven Betz.

A second officer assigned to cover the first officer fired his Taser, police said. Hogg died at Highland Hospital in Oakland.

MAN CHARGED WITH KILLING BIRDS: A man has been charged in federal court with killing six migratory birds, court records show.

Oliver M. Henderson was charged in U.S. District Court in Oakland with six misdemeanor counts of taking, killing and possessing a migratory bird.

He was named in a court document known as an information, which in federal court typically signifies that a defendant intends to plead guilty to at least one count.

The court papers accused Henderson of killing a Peregrine falcon in June 2011, a Cooper's hawk and a sharp-shinned hawk in July 2011, a bird of unknown species sometime in 2011 or 2012, another sharp-shinned hawk in January 2012 and a sixth unknown bird in December 2014.

The prosecution was the result of an investigation by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 

WOMAN ACCUSED OF ASSAULTING IRS EMPLOYEE: A woman was charged in federal court today with assaulting an Internal Revenue Service employee in Oakland.

Hali Imani Fletcher, 20, walked into the IRS taxpayer assistance center at the Federal Building in downtown Oakland on Dec. 15 in hopes of getting tax transcripts for school, authorities said.

When IRS employee LaSharon Van Hook told her that because of the large number of people waiting to be helped that day, no additional numbers would be handed out until the crowd thinned out.

At that point, Fletcher became verbally abusive to Van Hook, calling her a "b-" several times, Ryan Donaldson, a special agent with the Department of Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration wrote in a court affidavit.

Fletcher also threatened Van Hook, saying, "B-, I'll f- you up," according to the affidavit.

The outburst unnerved other taxpayers, and "Van Hook told Fletcher that the language was unnecessary and she needed to leave," Donaldson wrote.

Van Hook left briefly to summon a guard, and as she was returning, Fletcher "purposely threw her shoulder and elbow into Van Hook," the affidavit says. The altercation was captured on surveillance video and witnessed by other people at the facility, authorities said.

Van Hook suffered some tingling pain in her left shoulder but declined medical attention.

Fletcher was initially cited for causing a disturbance. After she was released from custody shortly after the incident, she "crumbled up the citation and threw it on the ground," the affidavit says.

She may now have a change in heart: court records show that Fletcher, too, was named in an information, potentially signaling an upcoming guilty plea.

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