See how cultures around the world celebrate Valentine's Day

You already know how we celebrate Valentine’s Day in America, but do you know how they celebrate around the world? Here’s a look at how some other cultures celebrate the holiday, or at least their version of it:

  • Denmark: On February 14th in Denmark, men give women a funny joke or poem written on intricately cut paper. If the woman can guess who the message is from, they get an Easter egg later in the year.
  • South Korea: In South Korea, it’s up to women to woo men with candies, flowers, and chocolates. One month later on March 14th, the men take their turn, and give gifts too.
  • Wales: People in Wales celebrate Saint Dwynwen, the welsh patron saint of lovers on January 25th, with a tradition gift: a wooden spoon.
  • China: The Chinese celebrate Seventh Night Festival, when women bring fruit like melons as offerings to the daughter of a heavenly king in hopes of finding a good husband.
  • Philippines: In the Philippines, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about love, it’s about weddings! February 14th is the most popular day to get married.
  • South Africa: Women in South Africa wear their hearts on their sleeves: they pin the name of the person they love to their shirt sleeve… even if that person doesn’t know it yet!

Maybe one of these traditions will inspire you to think beyond the candies and chocolates this February 14th. Happy Valentine’s Day!