Senior at Antioch medical high school credited for saving freshman's life

Two high school students who didn't know each other are now linked in a way neither could have imagined.

“He saved my life. I could have died," said student Ariah Royal.

"Knowing I was able to save another human being's life. I feel great about it," said Bryan Canty. 

Their paths converged last month inside this gym at Dozier-Libby Medical High School in Antioch.

Royal, a ninth grader, was playing basketball in PE class when she banged into another girl at full speed.

"I hit this eye when I hit the other child's head, and then fell back and hit the side of my head here," said Ariah, pointing to the injury.

Bryan Canty, a senior, says he happened to be looking out of his classroom window and saw the principal running into the gym.

Bryan began running there too. He saw Ariah on her back, not moving.

"She wasn't responding. She wasn't following me with her eyes. I was able to get on the ground with her. I'm at hear head manually stabilizing her head and neck. I'm asking her questions. What day of the week is it. As soon as the EMTs got here I gave them the rundown." said Bryan.

Ariah had seizures in the ambulance and a severe concussion. She was hospitalized for a week.

The next time the two students saw each other was here at school. "He was happy to see I was okay," said Ariah.

Bryan says he learned what to do thanks to a first responder course he took at school. Last year he helped another student who had a seizure on the playground.

The Antioch Unified School District school board Wednesday formally recognized Bryan for quick response.

"You can tell he is an outstanding young man. I'm very proud of him for stepping up on this occasion," said teacher Kim O'Leary.

"This is a kid that goes to school that saved another kid's life. So it is cool we can share that story with everyone else," said Ariah.

Bryan says he plans to study to become an EMT. And then eventually a medi-vac emergency nurse.

"I was overjoyed. Smiling from ear to ear when her mother came over and said thank you. I earned a second family," said Bryan.