Several customers' laptops stolen in Oakland coffee shop armed robbery

Police in Oakland are investigating an armed robbery at a coffee shop. 

Several customers at the World Ground Cafe had their laptops stolen Thursday afternoon at MacArthur Boulevard and 37th Street near Laurel Elementary School. The incident happened shortly before 1 p.m. 

The owner of the shop said the suspect was wearing a bandana to cover his face, an orange vest, and was armed with a handgun. 

Customers were ordered to put their laptops into a large bag, according to Uffe Gustafsson, the cafe's owner. No one was hurt. 

"I ran really quickly out the back door to call 911 because I knew something bad was going on," Gustafsson said. 

After the incident, the owner closed the cafe to allow his employees to go home. 

About eight laptops were stolen.