SF Fireworks show organizers work to keep debris off beaches

Macy's officials said they are working to make changes ahead of tonight's fireworks show after a previous show on Saturday led to complaints about debris washing up on the beach at San Francisco's Aquatic Park.

Park officials collected enough pyrotechnic debris from the beach on Sunday to fill around four 5-gallon tubs or buckets, according to Lynn Cullivan, a spokesman for the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park.

Previous reports had indicated the debris filled four 50-gallon drums, but Cullivan on Thursday said that figure was incorrect.

Cullivan said park officials can't recall having this problem before.  

"Certainly there are fireworks shows on the Bay, but this is the first time we've seen this kind of debris," he said.

In a statement released Thursday, Macy's officials said they were working with the company that staged the show, Pyro Spectaculars, to examine the debris and determine whether they might need to use different products or make changes to how they are secured.

"From what we see now, it is likely this occurrence is the result of an unusual, perhaps extraordinary, combination of wind, tide, currents and location," the statement said.

"No materials were intentionally dumped from any of the vessels we were using, and we will ensure that such debris is secured and minimized in coming displays," the statement read.

Saturday's fireworks show was staged in celebration of the opening night of Super Bowl City, the free Super Bowl fan village taking place in San Francisco's Justin Herman Plaza through Feb. 7. A second show is scheduled to take place Friday night after a performance by the band OneRepublic.