SF holds another mayoral forum with 3 months until election

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San Franciscans are less than three months away from choosing a successor to Ed Lee, who died in office last December. Six candidates answered a battery of questions in San Francisco Thursday night at a forum organized by the city’s Democrat party.

“It’s very difficult to explain intricate, complicated situations in a two minute answer,” said former board of supervisors member and current mayoral candidate Angela Alioto.

But that’s the crucible the six candidates braved inside the LGBTQ Community Center on Market Street.

With 100 people and potential voters looking on, the candidates for mayors fielded a total 18 questions. The topics ranged from mental health and shelters, to corporate aide to the community in a sharing economy, to sanctuary cities and undocumented immigrants.

“The city is in a very challenging time. Our crisis of homelessness, and housing affordability and availability are really out of control. And people want to know, what are you going to do about it,” said former State Senator and mayoral candidate Mark Leno.

“We need to invest in our infrastructure like our public schools, public housing, community college, early childhood education, to help regrow our middle class and support our working communities to stay here in san Francisco,” said current District 6 supervisor and mayoral candidate Jane Kim.

“We’re in a chronic situation with the transient issue. And so many people are suffering. I’d like to see things get better faster,” said political newcomer and mayoral candidate Michelle Bravo. 

“People don’t want the same platitudes about change. Because we’ve had the same issues facing San Francisco for years. And so we wanna know what you’re gonna do. And I’ve outlined that on my website, Weissformayor.com,” said activist and mayoral candidate Amy Weiss.

“San Francisco needs someone who is bold, who is fearless, who is prepared to take on many of the challenges that we know exist in our city. And I’m prepared to do just that,” said former acting San Francisco Mayor London Breed, who hopes to win the special election.

The city has been holding forums like this frequently, as special election day approaches June 5th.