SFMTA announces new door sensors on light rail vehicles

Muni passengers may recall the video of a woman caught in the door of a Muni train. Now Muni is releasing a new video of the new safety features in action.

In the days that followed the viral video, KTVU learned of four similar incidents of doors on the city's new light rail vehicles closing on passengers and not releasing.

Following those incidents the SFMTA disabled the rear doors in the new light rail vehicles until a fix could be found.

Now the SFMTA says it has that fix.

Muni says the problem lies with the sensitive edges on the doors, and has now added two additional sensors to the original one already in place, according to a video posted to YouTube.

"To ensure that no matter where you're putting your hand and at what angle or how small your finger might be that it's definitely going to sense the obstruction."

The new three sensor door was tested last weekend was put into service today.

"What we did is we have two operators on board one of our new trains," said Erica Kato of the SFMTA.

"One is driving and operating the vehicles, the other is in the back just keeping a close eye on that rear door to make sure no one obstructs it."

Passengers say they're happy to hear that a fix has been proposed and is already being tested.

"I mean, I saw the video of the lady, it was terrifying," said Muni rider Wesley Murray.

"But, also, yeah. I'm happy that they're trying to fix it."

Muni will continue testing the new sensors through next week.

If they work out they will roll that fix out to the rest of the new light rail vehicles.

SFMTA says the new cars are still under warranty so the manufacturer will pick up the costs.