'Shoes create a dialogue with culture' at 'a walk of art' exhibit

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Whether it be your everyday pair of Chuck Taylors, or your favorite five-inch heel pair of Louboutins that you break out twice a year, every shoe in your closet represents you and your personality some kind of way. 

That's the theme of the fashion exhibit: “A Walk of Art: Visionary Shoes,” that’s on display at the Refusalon Gallery on Powell street in San Francisco. The exhibit features 60 contemporary one-of-a-kind designs by alumni and students of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. 

"The role of shoes in society, each one is different, creating a dialogue with culture," said Ya'ar Keydar, the exhibit's curator. 

From a wooden pair of heels with the Egyptian queen Nefertiti's face engraved into the heel, to a pair of heels with salt-encrusted crystals from the Dead Sea, to a pair of poppin’ red lips - the showcase features designs that are all original and definitely not typical. 

The exhibit glorified the many styles of shoes, but also criticized them, too. One pair had a sharp Stiletto sticking out of the middle, as if to show the pain women endure for beauty.

What connects the crazy and unconventional designs, however, is that all the wearable art made a space for a human's foot to slide inside - the definition of a shoe. 

The exhibit runs through Nov. 21.