Oakridge mall shooting: 3 charged in connection with Christmas chaos

A San Jose man and two alleged gang members were arrested and charged for their involvement in the Oakridge mall shooting before last Christmas, Santa Clara District Attorney's office announced Thursday. 

Naylen Hobson-Plattner, 18, fired his handgun at the two gang members, Ulises Jimenez, 19, and Paul Lebeau, 18, who robbed him and his girlfriend, snatching their jewelry, the district attorney's office wrote in the release

The shooting happened on December 20, 2021, police said.

The mall went into lockdown as police responded to multiple reports of an active shooter, officials said. 

All three suspects ran away during the chaos, sources said. 

No one was injured in the shooting. 

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"It was a holiday miracle that no one was killed that day in the mall," District Attorney Jeff Rosen said. "I can’t thank the San Jose Police Department enough. It was San Jose officers who entered the mall that day ready to confront a lethal threat. It was San Jose detectives who found them after the chaos and arrested them. Now we will prosecute this incredibly reckless act of gun violence."  

Police found DNA that linked Hobson-Plattner to the evidence recovered from the Oakridge shooting. He was found in his residence and was arrested in January, District Attorney's office said. 

Jimenez and Lebeau were identified partly by surveillance footage, officials said. They were arrested and arraigned in March. 

The investigation is ongoing. More arrests are expected, according to officials.