Shooting threat made at Petaluma High School, no arrests made

Police are investigating a shooting threat at Petaluma High School discovered on a bathroom wall. 

Unknown suspect or suspects wrote on the bathroom wall "Date: Monday 10/23/23 is the day I kill. I’m going to shoot up the school and my first person is…. So watch out Monday is your guys day." Two students were named, and a third one was singled out and called derogatory names and wished death upon them.

Persons of interest based on video evidence were interviewed. As of Sunday, no one has been arrested.

"We recognize the stress and anxiety these situations create for students, parents, and community members. Both the Petaluma Police Department and Petaluma City Schools take all threats of violence in our schools seriously," said Petaluma High School officials.

Petaluma police will have an increased presence at the school Monday. 

Anyone with information about the threat is asked to contact the Petaluma Police Department at (707) 778-4373. Anonymous reporting is available.