Sideshow spectators in Santa Rosa could face jail time under proposed ordinance

A proposed sideshow ordinance in Santa Rosa would give police officers the ability to arrest or cite spectators.

Santa Rosa police said they are seeing an increase in dangerous sideshow activity. Officers are responding to several of the illegal events a month.

The regulation would make it illegal to participate in sideshows and watch, whether from a public street or private parking lot, according to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

"This ordinance is the new tool our city needs to deter dangerous and illegal sideshow behavior," said Police Chief John Cregan. "Illegal sideshows will not be tolerated, and with the assistance of our community and our local law enforcement partners, we will continue to keep our community safe."

The Santa Rosa City Council will take up a second reading for the adoption of the ordinance on Oct. 25. If approved, the rules would go in effect on Nov. 25.