Single mother with baby robbed at gunpoint in SF home

A single mom who was robbed at gunpoint in the garage of her home in San Francisco shared her harrowing ordeal with KTVU. She says she's scared and asked that we not identify her.

On Friday night, she says she pulled into the garage of her apartment complex on Florida Street in the Mission neighborhood when two suspects approached her as she got out of her car.

One man held her at gunpoint while the other grabbed her one-year-old baby girl from the carseat in the back.
"It could be any mom. That's what I think is scary. This didn't happen in an alley. This didn't happen on the street," says the mom who tells us she's a veteran of the U.S. Army.

The 36-year-old and her baby live in a large apartment complex.

Surveillance cameras captured the two suspects walking into the garage.

The single mom says the security gate in the garage was not working that day.
"This happened in our building where we live. They came in," says the mom,"the one with the gun said we're going to take the baby and the car. I said I'm not leaving without my baby."
The mom says one suspect eventually gave her the baby.

"I covered the baby with my body because that was when I thought they were going to start shooting. They wouldn't let us go . All of a sudden, we get pushed aside. The second one without the gun grabbed my backpack and told the other one, let's go." says the mom.
She suspects that a neighbor who came into the garage spooked the suspects and they ran away without taking her car.

Police tell us there were two other carjackings in the city that night that may be linked.
"Brazen is definitely the right word. As I said before, I've never heard of that before where they actually grabbed the child," says San Francisco Police Sergeant Nic Pena.
The mother says she had $300 in cash inside her backpack that was stolen. It was money she was going to use for her daughter's birthday party
"I don't want this to happen to another mother and her baby because it's not okay that this happen in San Francisco. It would hurt me if I heard that this happen to another mom and baby in this same building or neighborhood or anywhere else," says the mom.
Police describe the suspect as Latino and 20 to 25 years old.

One is wearing a distinctive looking shirt that has the words "Hustle Bang." Investigators are asking anyone who recognizes them to call 911. They are considered armed and dangerous.

A  gofundme for the victim has been set up.