SJPD seeking ID's of mall attack suspects

San Jose Police are asking for the public’s help to track down a female shoplifting suspect and the man who attacked a mall security guard allowing the suspected shoplifter to get away.

The attack happened inside the J.C. Penny’s at the Eastridge Mall in San Jose, back on September 12, 2015 but SJPD just released the video to the public in an effort to generate new leads.

According to Police, the woman entered the Sephora section of J.C. Penny’s and placed several items in her purse and then left the store.

A mall security guard confronted her and brought her back into the store, however the woman then began resisting the security guard.

That’s when a man approached the guard, shouted, “Let go of my sister”, and attacked the guard punching and kicking him several times.

The male and female suspects were able to escape with the stolen goods from the store.

The entire attack was caught on store security cameras.

According to SJPD, the female is described as heavy set weighing about 190 pounds approximately 5-03 to 5-06 in height approximately 19-22- years of age. 

She was seen wearing a white top and blue jeans with a brown satchel type purse. 

The male is described as 5-08 about 150 pounds brown hair brown eyes about 22-29 years of age.

Persons with information regarding the above case are urged to contact Detective Villanueva of the San Jose Police Department's Robbery Unit at (408) 277-4166. 

Persons wishing to remain anonymous may either call the Crime Stoppers Tip Line, (408) 947-STOP (7867), or click the following link to Crime Stoppers: