Smoke seen rising off I-580 in Oakland

Smoke seen off Suter Street and Star Avenue in Allendale neighborhood in Oakland. Oct. 3, 2022 Photo: Citizen App 

Smoke was seen rising in East Oakland along Suter Street and Star Avenue late Monday morning. 

The fire, burning before noon, is near where at least three other fires have burned, or been set, since late last month in the same Allendale, lower Laurel, neighborhood. 

On Sept. 16, a four-alarm vegetation broke out near Quigley Street and 35th Avenue, which is near a Chevron station and a Farmer Joe's, damaging some structures along Interstate Highway 580.

Four days later, investigators said an arsonist set a fire off I-580 between 35th and Coolidge avenues. 

And on Sept. 27, another vegetation fire spread off I-580 off the Edwards Avenue exit.

All the locations are within a few miles of each other.