Several homes in Oakland destroyed after large vegetation fire erupts next to I-580

Officials said a 4-alarm vegetation fire erupted Friday near westbound I-580 in Oakland.

The fire broke out about 2 p.m. near Quigley Street and 35th Avenue, which is near a Chevron station and a Farmer Joe's. The 3500 block of Quigley was evacuated, authorities said. 

Several homes were burned in the surrounding Allendale neighborhood, but at least five structures were directly impacted by fire, according to fire officials. Embers from the burning vegetation spread to homes' roofs. In the aftermath of the fire, burned out cars and broken glass remained at the scene. 

At approximately 3:10 p.m. officials reported they had gained control of the fire. They then turned their focus on the structures burned in the fire. The cause of the fire is under investigation. 

Crews remained at the scene through the evening to look for hot spots and mop up. The fire burned an area the size of half a mile. 

"There was one vacant structure to where there was significant damage and that property is probably going to be a total loss," said Oakland Fire Chief Dr. Reginald Freeman. 

Officials said an Oakland firefighter was taken by medics on a stretcher for "heat-related injuries" near the burning houses on Quigley between 35th Ave. and Loma Vista. No other injuries were immediately reported. 

The American Red Cross is on hand to assist displaced residents. At least 15 residents have been displaced. 

Power outages were reported in the area but have since been restored. A KTVU staff member lives east of the location of the fire and reported no power in her home. Traffic in the surrounding area was also impacted. 

Area resident, Kimberley Coleman said people, including someone from the nearby gas station, started to help firefighters by using hoses from their homes. She said there used to be a homeless encampment nearby. It is not clear if any homeless encampments had anything to do with this fire. 

Another resident said she was sleeping when the fire broke out and was warned of the danger by a friend who called her. 

"All I could do was run out the house. I was in panic mode. We do have two dogs. I was just worried about myself, getting [out of] there. I didn't know how bad it was until I ran out with no shoes on, having no idea," said Dvohnna Morgan. 

This is the same stretch that burned in 2020.