Soldier treats hungry kids to meal

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Sometimes it is the smallest acts of kindness that make a world of difference.

Lieutenant colonel Robert Risdon and his friend Jason Gibson were on their way back to Columbus, Georgia when they stopped at a local Taco Bell outside Greenville, Alabama on Tuesday.  Both men were approached by two young children asking them if they would like to buy any desserts that they had in a small box. 

“We did not have any cash on us and we felt so bad that we could not buy anything,” said Gibson. 

Risdon asked both kids, “Have you guys eaten dinner tonight?”  Both kids said “no” and Risdon immediately went up to the counter and asked one of the kids, “Hey, can you eat 10 tacos?”

Gibson told FOX 5 Atlanta that he pulled out his cell phone and started to record Risdon’s good deed.

“There are so many good deeds that go un-noticed, so I knew that I wanted to share this,” said Gibson.

“What you don’t see in the video, the kids were so respectful,” said Gibson.  One of the kids said to Risdon, “When I grow up I want to be just like you.”  The child saluted him with the wrong hand, because he had been holding the taco in the other hand.  Gibson quickly corrected the child and said “here you go, this is how you salute.”