Sonoma Co. Sheriff releases graphic video of suspect being shot and wounded by deputy

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Sonoma County Sheriff's Office released police-worn body camera video from an officer-involved shooting at 9th and Morgan streets on the evening of August 1 in Santa Rosa. 

The video shows the moment a sheriff's deputy tries to use his stun-gun on a shoplifting suspect, but does so to no effect. He then switches to his firearm. Following a series of commands from the deputy to "get on the ground," which are ignored; the suspect can be seen entering the deputy's patrol vehicle.

The deputy tries to open his patrol-vehicle door, but the suspect closes it shut. That's when he fires six rounds from his firearm, shattering the driver-side window and injuring the suspect. 

On the video, you can then hear the deputy repeatedly yell, "Don't move!" and "Do not go for that knife!"%INLINE%

Several deputies and Santa Rosa police then surround the vehicle to investigate. The suspect then receives medical attention while being detained. Overheard chatter between law enforcement from the video includes one officer saying, "He said his name is god." 

An officer tells his colleague he only shot four or five rounds before he's told to "go off" [his body-worn camera] to call his wife.  

The incident began at Santa Rosa Plaza shopping center, where employees said the 42-year-old suspect, Brad Baymon of Minnesota, tried to steal a pair of shoes and then tried to stab them with a pocket knife. 

The 911 dispatch call is from a Macy's employee who calmly describes the situation as it unfolds. He tells the dispatcher the suspect has a pocket knife and that there was an attempted stabbing.  

"He literally tried to kill us ma'am. He literally tried to stab us in the neck," the Macy's assets protection manager said over the phone. 

Mall security reported that the suspect left the mall and walked through the ground level of a parking lot in the direction of Morgan Street. Officials said security then lost sight of the suspect before the suspect was approached by the deputy. 

Santa Rosa Police Department and Sonoma County Sheriff's Department are investigating both the robbery and the officer-involved shooting. The sheriff's office is also conducting an administrative investigation. 

The suspect is expected to make a full recovery. No one else from the community or law enforcement were injured.