South Bay company advocates cycling for kids with ADHD

Mike Sinyard, the founder of Specialized Bicycle Components in Morgan Hill says he battled ADHD as child.

"I was always put in the dumbest classes and everything like that and i just thought I couldn't perform," Sinyard.

Sinyard told KTVU he didn't think much about those issues, but they came back again when his son was diagnosed with the same disorder. By that time, many people with ADHD were given Ritalin for treatment.

"He said, Dad this makes me feel terrible. And I said, Son, don't take it. So then we started riding together," explained Sinyard.

That set the wheels in motion. Specialized started a foundation and -- along with RTSG Neuroscience Consultants -- created a biking program at two Massachusetts schools in 2012, looking into the effects of cycling on those with ADHD.

The students biked a half an hour before school every day and the findings proved to be positive. So Specialized took it a step further targeting all students and created a pilot program in Sacramento.

"The students scores improved after having cycled and having academic class," said Naomi Harper.

Currently the program is running in two schools in California and soon a third in expected to begin in the Bay area. The Specialized foundation has a goal by 2017 of having the program up and running in 100 schools nationwide.

"I would like to be part of the catalyze that is the change that we look back and go we don't need Ritalin, what we need is to be active," says Sinyard.

The Specialized foundation plans to invest one million dollars over the next three years to the biking program which will be part of the First Lady's initiative for a healthier America.