Southern California triplets all accepted to prestigious university

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (WAGA) -- Triple the accomplishment!

A set of triplets have all been accepted to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology next year.

The prestigious university typically only accepts fewer than eight percent of students who apply, but all three of the Goul triplets have been accepted and have decided to attend MIT.

Claire, Edward and Christopher, who live in Newport Beach, California, all fell in love with the school across the country and not because their grandfather taught there.

"To have two other people that I've lived with my whole life that I can go to if I have any problems will be really helpful I think," said Edward.

"Doing some sort of internships, just like getting more hands-on experience outside of the classroom, which I think really made a difference in us getting in," said Christopher.

The triplets say they are very close, but are looking forward to having their own unique experience at MIT.

"Once every few months or so, maybe, or a week, I don't know, I don't know, we'll see each other," said Claire.

The siblings are attending the same school, but plan to have different fields of study. Claire will study biology, Christopher will study electrical engineering and Edward wants to major in both math and physics.