Spartan Obstacle Race held at the home of the Giants

The Spartan Race took place at Oracle Park on Saturday.

Athletes gathered to test their limits amid developing news of the new COVID variant, omicron.

 "I just want to continue living life and this is an opportunity to be out and about, have some fun with some friends in San Francisco," said competitor Leah Davis. "We'll be okay."

Participants climbed rope in the outfield, did burpees in the dugout, and navigated staircases, obstacles and tunnels through the park’s five levels.

I've brought my whole crew here, half of them have never done it before, so I wanted them to come out," said competitor Bon Neovakul. "It's a fun race, especially in SF."

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Event organizers said safety protocols were in place to prevent the spread of COVID during the event. 

Masks were required for workers at the event, but not for the competitors. 

Participants were asked to monitor their health during the weeks prior to the event. If they showed any COVID-like symptoms they were asked not to attend. 

High risk participants, including those over 65 and those with compromised immune systems, were told to stay home.