Spike in deaths on SMART tracks in the North Bay

The growing number of deaths along SMART tracks in the North Bay has prompted police and government officials to take action.

The rail agency's board of directors will meet on Wednesday to discuss suicide prevention along the tracks. 

Nine people have died since the start of the train system in August 2017, with the most recent death on Monday at golf course drive in Rohnert Park. 

That death and five others are believed to be suicides. 

A code compliance officer monitored the area Wednesday morning to make sure people didn't go near the tracks as a train was coming.

SMART board of directors plan to meet with mental health experts and law enforcement on how to address the suicide problem. 

"We have a homeless problem we have a suicide problem," said General Manager Farhad Mansourian. "We must connect the dots. We are in the middle of a crisis this isn't a train issue it's a public health issue."